Objective 1: Bolster physical activity opportunities

Increased access to trails and affordable recreation will help community youth and adults control weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, build strength and endurance, and help prevent depression. While health care facility-based screening and prevention for acute health issues  in the Muskegon region rank in the upper third throughout Michigan, the levels obesity and aerobic/leisure time activity rank in the lowest quarter of the State (2013-2015 Michigan BRFSS Regional and Local Health Department Estimates, 2016). Muskegon County is ranked the unhealthiest county in the state.

There is a significant difference between obese and healthy weight MI adults for all chronic health conditions such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (Overweight and Obesity in Michigan: Surveillance Report Update, 2014). There is scientific evidence that supports providing convenient access to places for physical activity, such as trails, increases the level of physical activity in a community. In the long-term, increased physical activity will decrease adult and child obesity rates and other community-wide health indicators.