Whether visitors are seeking a serene walk or snowshoe through the woods, a heart pounding two-hour mountain bike adventure, a 10k trail run, or a pristinely groomed fatbike trail, the Mosquito Creek Trails will be the regions go to MULTI-use trail system. The 500-acre project in central Muskegon County is highlighted by the forested valley of Mosquito Creek.  This collaborative recreation improvement project is spearheaded by Muskegon County and Michigan’s Edge Mountain Biking Association.  Premier trail professionals have designed sustainable trails for all interest and skill levels of trail users. The trail system will include six trails with 3.35 miles of beginner trails, 6.11 miles of intermediate trail, and 1.5 miles of advanced trail. a “Gerber Foundation strider loop” will also be constructed.

The 550-acre project area in central Muskegon County, located approximately 4 miles north of M46/Apple avenue intersection at 2190 N. Maple Island Rd, is highlighted by the forested valley of Mosquito Creek.  Michigan’s EDGE mountain bike club contracted Dirt Artisans of Covington, KY to develop the design and build multi-use, sustainable trails on the Mosquito Creek Parcel in Muskegon County, Michigan in 2017.  Read the full report.


Project Updates/News


Phase ONE

The first phase of our project will give trail users a “taste” of what we are trying to accomplish.  At approximately three miles in length and three feet in width, the machine built trail flows very well for relatively flat terrain.  This is a perfect beginner loop that welcomes all abilities (even young children) and will be a phenomenal fat bike loop.  Completed 11/2018.

The parking lot along and signage has been completed as of 3/2019. We have a bathroom and changing station at the trail head. The parking lot is directly across from Messinger road on Maple Island Rd.

2190 Maple Island Rd
Twin Lake, MI 49457
United States

Phase two/Three

The second and third phase will finish the project and give the multi-use trail its reputation as the best trail in West Michigan. Measuring around 8 miles in length, the blue and black trail will showcase the property as it parallels Mosquito Creek on both sides. Two bridges will connect the north and south side of the creek.

We are currently in the fundraising and grant writing phase to finish these phases. We are awaiting responses from multiple grants that could finish the trail system if received! Please reference the map to the right with proposed phase two in red and phase three in yellow.

As of 10/19, construction has officially started on Phase II. Expect completion in November with a “soft opening” party. Please stay off the new trail until it is opened.

Phase Two: 3-4 miles of trail fall of 2019 (Red)

Phase Three: 3-4 miles of trail and two bridges 2020 (Yellow)

RED: Phase Two YELLOW: Phase Three

RED: Phase Two YELLOW: Phase Three


Capital Campaign

capital campaign

Momentum equals mass x velocity. Since 2017, we have gathered a lot of momentum! We expect that to continue as more trail is developed. To date, we have raised over 160k! While multiple grants are to be determined, we continue to actively fundraise.

Primary Expenses:

Trail Tread Construction Costs: $235,000

Bridges: $40,000

Parking Area Cost: $23,000.00

Rest Room Facility: $20,000.00

Signage: $5000

Trail Benches: $5000

MC Trail Map.jpg